Celiac Disease Symptoms

Some people may argue that there are no signs and symptoms of celiac disease. However, there is always a sign which indicates that something is wrong. Celiac disease occurs when your body is not absorbing its nutrients, primarily gluten. The disease is genetic which means it's passed down through families. Anything that may cause your body to be in a burdensome state might trigger the disease. The disease can be just as common in children as it is in adults and the elderly.  

The most common symptoms of celiac disease include diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain and foul smelling feces. Most of these celiac disease symptoms deal with the bowels. These symptoms usually lead to depression, irritability, skin rash, joint pain, mouth sores and bone disorders. In children, it can stunt their growth.

Although the disease is quite severe, it is usually not life threatening. Having a gluten reduction in the body may also lead to itchy and blistering skin. Common areas for the itchiness to occur is around the torso, scalp and buttocks. Weight loss is also a significant symptom that may occur due to the disease. For women it can lead to infertility, PMS, irregular cycles and mood swings.